IPSA Annual General Meeting 2019

Contributed by: Shaktivel Arumugam

Edited by: Benjamin Ho

IPSA conducted its Annual General Meeting for the new academic year (AY19/20) on 18 September 2019. At this event, the IPSA core team and members came together to discuss IPSA’s direction and objectives for the coming academic year.

During the meeting, members were brought up to speed on some of IPSA’s past undertakings, most notably contributions made by numerous IPSA members to the second reading of the IP (Dispute Resolution) Bill in August 2019. The newly formed core team also took the opportunity to discuss key, new projects in store for them in the coming year. This year, IPSA members can expect to be more involved in the club’s activities through three newly introduced tracks: these are the Arts, Design and Media track, the Privacy & Information Technology track, and the Start-ups & Enterprise track.

The AGM served both as an information sharing session, as well as an ice breaker for our members, whom we are certain enjoyed themselves during the meeting! Who wouldn’t – especially with the pizza treat kindly sponsored by our very own Faculty Advisor, Professor Ng-Loy! (Thank you, Prof!)

The IPSA core team thanks its members for their attendance at this year’s AGM and their continued support in the coming year!


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