One&Co Presentation by IPSA

Contributed by: Lenon Ong, Sze Yuan Lim, and Benjamin Ho of the IPSA Core Team

On 4 October 2019, IPSA co-conducted a workshop at One&Co, JR East’s co-working space. Our members presented on key issues and principles relating to Intellectual Property (IP), Cybersecurity, Privacy & Data Compliance laws in Singapore to allow entrepreneurs better understand the types of intangible assets that they should and can commercialise to grow their businesses.

The role of IP rights and intangible assets is often not fully understood by businesses. As intangible assets increasingly form significant portions of businesses’ enterprise value, it is imperative to ensure that start-ups are privy to common mistakes and neglected risks in relation to IP. Strategic planning and practices are essential for businesses to commercialise and grow at their maximum potential in a sustainable manner.

This workshop allowed IPSA members to not only share their IP knowledge, but to also learn more about the difficulties and uncertainties entrepreneurs face when navigating through the legal landscape, and the IP-related considerations which they often fail to take note of.

This collaboration was proudly supported by NUS Enterprise and One&Co.

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