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The Intellectual Property Students’ Association (IPSA) was formed by law students at the National University of Singapore (NUS) in 2016 as an informal student-run community with keen interests in intellectual property (IP).

Today, as a formalised student interest group at NUS Law, IPSA’s mission is to raise awareness of IP rights and IP-related issues by facilitating the sharing of knowledge within the association and with stakeholders.

Additionally, IPSA provides legal information to its beneficiaries and partners, allowing student-members to catch a glimpse of legal practice as an IP practitioner. IPSA has also consistently provided inputs and recommendations to IP-related Bills tabled in the Parliament of Singapore.

ipsa infographic

Our members have expressed interests in the areas of: (1) Arts, Design & Media, (2) Privacy & Information Technology, and (3) Start-ups & Enterprise. At IPSA, members are given opportunities to engage with start-ups and schools, and share their knowledge in IP. Members also attend numerous IP and technology conferences such as IP Week @ SG in Singapore. 

Contact us on LinkedIn or by e-mail at ipsa.sg@gmail.com for collaboration opportunities or enquiries.

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Last updated: 2 August 2020