IP Arts InfoPack

IPSA is proud to bring to you the IP Arts InfoPack for the arts industry, supported by the Intellectual Property Office of Singapore and the NUS Centre for the Arts!

This year, our arts sector has been badly affected by COVID-19, with many having to explore digital methods and online platforms to present their work. For those in the arts field seeking to have a clear understanding of their Intellectual Property (“IP”) rights in order to better manage and monetise their IP and intangible assets, the Intellectual Property Students’ Association is proud to present the “IP Arts InfoPack”.

This infopack serves as a reference guide for individuals, businesses and communities in the arts sector who might be unfamiliar with the various concepts relating to IP. The IP Arts InfoPack complements various resources provided by the Intellectual Property Office of Singapore, and should be useful for artists seeking to protect their valuable creative output.

To view and download the IP Arts InfoPack, please click here.

For any feedback or queries, feel free to contact us at ipsa.sg@gmail.com.

Last updated: 10 August 2020